Monday, July 23, 2012

My favorite holiday

Please, please join us in Paper Makeup Stamps Digi Makeover Challange because we have awesome challenge theme this week. It's "Favorite Holiday"
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Can you guess what is my favorite holiday? If you think about Valentine's Day, you're wrong. My favorite holiday is Jaanipäev (St John's Day). This day and Christmas are most important days in Estonia.  Jaanipäev is celebrated in the night between June 23 and 24, a few days after the summer solstice, when night seems to be non-existent.
Jaanipäev celebrations are merged with the celebration of Võidupüha (Victory Day) during the War of Independence when Estonian forces defeated the German troops on 23 June 1919. After that Jaaniõhtu (St John's Eve) and the lighting of the traditional bonfires became linked with the ideals of independence and freedom.
On Jaaniõhtu, Estonians all around the country will gather with their families, or at larger events to celebrate this important day with singing and dancing.
Some of the rituals of Jaanipäev have very strong folkloric roots. The best-known Jaanik, or midsummer, ritual is the lighting of the bonfire and then jumping over it. This is seen as a way of guaranteeing prosperity and avoiding bad luck. Likewise, to not light the fire is to invite the destruction of your house by fire. The fire also frightened away mischievous spirits who avoided it at all costs, thus ensuring a good harvest. So, the bigger the fire, the further the mischievous spirits stayed away.
Midsummer's eve is important for lovers. Among Estonian fairy tales and literature there is the tale of two lovers, Koit (dawn) and Hämarik (dusk). These two lovers see each other only once a year and exchange the briefest of kisses on the shortest night of the year. Earth-bound lovers go into the forest looking for the flower of the fern which is said to bloom only on that night. Also on this night, single people can follow a detailed set of instructions involving different flowers to see whom they are going to marry.
~ Description of the holiday is from Wikipedia

On my card are Koit (dawn) - male and Hämarik (dusk) - female and their brief tender moment on the shortest night of the year :) Image is actually called A Couple of Moodies. It's not in digi section jet but hopefully soon t is :) Mean while you can buy it as rubber stamp from Paper Makeup Stamps shop :)
Background paper is my own design - in computer ofcourse :) Image, matting papers and flower are colored with ProMarkers. Ribbons are from my stash. Flower is a die-cut made with Memory Box HoneyBlossom Sprig. I added some Pergamono White gel pen on it and some atYouSpica Gold glitter marker on the pattern behind lovers.


  1. Such a gorgeous card for your Jaanipäev holiday, Eret! Love the description of it and the use of the moody couple for Koit and Hämarik in the story. What beautiful paper you created for their background too! :)

  2. Fabulous card (as always) and I loved reading about your favorite holiday. The image you chose is perfect for it.

  3. Wow what a beautiful card.
    The stamp is also great and the background you made very nice.

  4. Thanks for sharing the story about Jaaniõhtu Eret, I enjoyed reading it and it sure sounds like a lot of fun too! Love the card you made, perfect for the occasion by the sounds of it. You did a great job with your computer generated background paper and I really like that flower.


Thank you so much for your comment. It is always so nice to read them. Hugs and smiles. Eret

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