Wednesday, September 19, 2012

something to share

Today I don't have a card to share with you but I do have a great news.  There is a 50% off sale over at Beccy's Place. It's perfect if you need new digis to get your inspiration juice flow again :o)

All you have to do is enter the following promo code at checkout: mojo-sale. The sale ends midnight 23rd September in Australian time. Discount can be applied multiple times during the sale period.
I'd like to share one photo with you too :o) I have to lions at home. My cat who is a true garden lion. He takes care of our family. He brings 'food' home almost every day. Usually rats, mice and moles but one time also pigeon and even a bat. I didn't knew before that we have bats near the home.  My neighbour saw how my cat brought pigeon home. Bird was so heavy that cat had to rest on half way but he didn't give up :o)
The photo is about my other lion - my dog, Mr Hollywood. Look at this face. Doesn't he look like a lion? 
He's a bit sleepy :) He usually don't go on bed but one evening while I was crafting he decided to sneak in and take a nap on my bed. I just had to take a photo of him :o)
Tomorrow I have one small project to show. Until then. Take care!


  1. Cute 'lion' lol, he sure does look like one but I bet he is as placid as a lamb...thanks for the info on the discount at Bec's....cheers, luv annie

  2. Awwww your dog looks adorable!!
    Thanks for letting us know about Beccy's sale too.

    hugs Sue


Thank you so much for your comment. It is always so nice to read them. Hugs and smiles. Eret

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